I just found this forum as it had a question similar to the one I was asking on it. Basically, I'm trying to help out the garage next door whose antiquated computer system has just crashed.

Its a windows 95 computer running a program made / distributed by PartCo (a UK company) and called "AutoPartner". The program will no longer run and the support team appeared to have disappeared. The program didn;t come up on google. The install disks have also gone walkies.

It looks like some of the data at least, is stored in files such as "customer.dat", and I can open them in wordpad and read some words (names, etc) amidst a sea of goobledegook.

I've seen mention of the fact that it may be possible to import .dat files so any advice would be much apprecciated as to how I may be able to proceed. I think ideally into some sort of txt, or csv file format would be best, given that a new computer, and some 21st century customer management software (as yet unidentified) willl be the next step...