Hi all.
I am developing Apps in Access 2003, creating the tables in that enviroment then upsizing them to SQL. This is working out perfectly for me as it allows me to create tables quickly using a tool I understand and have more control over ebfore finally 'submitting' it to SQL 2000. Once upsized the tables run fine from SQL however after the upsizing wizard I get this annoying nag error message 'Server Error 15135: Object invalid' and I have to click through this error message for EVERY field in the table, which is a bit of a pain ! The table in SQL is fine however and can be accessed from Access with zero problems, its just the annoying nag error that appears each time I upsize a table.

Does anyone know why this is happening, could it be something more serious than I suspect? I have tried a search on the web but did not come up with any results.

Anyone familiar with this problem.