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    Unanswered: Runtime error 2293

    I have searched the forums for a resolution to the error mentioned in the title and came across pkstormy's thread from last year It doesn't seem to contain any solution though for using SendObject with the EditMessage option set to True. This is just a recent problem that I have started experiencing in a database that I have been managing for just over a year. Has anyone found a way to fix this issue?

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    Do you also have some users with Outlook 2000 and some with Outlook 2003?

    For me, my issue (that I recall) was that the Outlook 2003 users kept getting an error with the SendObject command. I believe my solution had to do with the way I used the parameters with the SendObject command (

    If I left some of the parameters out of the syntax (or added them - I can't remember), it worked. I think back on it though and I probably should have researched different ways to utilize the SendObject command (and sending emails via Outlook). I believe if I had coded it differently on how I sent the email, I probably could have resolved it another way.

    You may want to check on the MSDN or Microsoft's website. I think there's a solution on it somewhere now.
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    No, it appears we are all using the same version of Outlook with the same patches. Just for reference sake, I am using Outlook 2003 with SP3 installed. For whatever reason I seem to be the only person which is experiencing the issue. Since the other people are daily users and I only go into the database when updates are needed, I didn't want to change the email code. I can just change the EditMode option in my test version of the database in the future to work for me (I can still send emails if the option is set to False although in the live database it is set as True). I am trying to find a workaround that allows the option to stay as True in case one of the users receives the error in the future. They don't tend to deal well when unfamiliar message boxes appear.

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