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    Unanswered: dropping tables and freeing space on tablesaces

    oracle 10g rel2, operating system AIX v5

    i have noticed that when users drop tables there is a another table that is created which starts with bin followed by funny characters when i try to drop them they are not getting dropped.
    how best do i do this. another thing what is the best way to free space on tablespaces.
    thank you

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    That's Oracle's recycle bin. To get rid of the BIN$ tables use the purge command:

    You can avoid the BIN$ table when dropping the table, read the manual for DROP TABLE (you are looking for the PURGE option):

    Details about the recycle bin are here:

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    Thumbs down recyclebin

    when you drop any table in oracle it will reside in the recycle bin. If you want to drop that you can drop from recyclebi.

    You can see the objects that are in the recycle bin using the following query

    select * from recyclebin;

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