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    Unanswered: Commit and Update

    I have an update statement which is updating about 6MIL records approx. I want to commit after every 50000 records.
    I saw many examples for select using Bulk collect and limiting after n number of rows. How can I do the same for Update.

    update tablename
    set col1 =
    decode(col2,'abd',(NVL((balance/var1),0) * (var2))
    + (balance * FACT) ,balance * FACT)
    where period = pi_period;

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nandinir
    I have an update statement which is updating about 6MIL records approx. I want to commit after every 50000 records.
    Don't do that. You'll make things worse.

    Details on why you should not commit frequently are here:

    Edit: here are the most important points from Tom why you should only have a single commit:

    Quote Originally Posted by TomKyte
    There is only one thing that dicates when you commit -- when is your transaction complete? Then you commit, period.

    Frequently commiting in the mistaken belief that you are conserving resources or making things go faster only does this for you:

    o slows you down, yes, that is right, SLOWS YOU DOWN -- makes you run SLOOOWWWWEEERRR
    o doesn't conserve any resources, in fact, it consumes more (you generate MORE redo)
    o seriously puts into question the integrity of your data

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    Thumbs down update

    You can do this by using the rownum, but you have to go for a small programming block. You said that you wanted do a commit every 50000 record so you can do it by using rownum.

    If you want more clarification i will give you what i did using this rownum.

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    And I repeat what @shammat has already said: do NOT commit after every 50000 (or 1000 or 100 or ...) records. Not by using ROWNUM, not by using anything else. Just don't do it.

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    We have a situation where we read in a ton of recs via an EXTERNAL TABLE and insert them into a table. Every once in awhile the sender puts a string into a column meant for a number, and the whole process errors out.

    We started committing every 1,000,000 records, because restarting the process from scratch meant waiting the ~10 minutes per million records for the insert to replay itself.

    I agree with you mostly, that you should wait until the transaction is complete, but depending on your needs & your knowledge of the system, you can commit mid-transaction on occasion.


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    IMO, describes a MUCH better solution!
    It avoids periodic COMMIT while identifying failed records.
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