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    which style is better ansi sql or old sql in oracle? .
    i mean performance wise and maintainability.

    old style
    SELECT *
    FROM Customers c, Orders o, [Order Details] od, Products p
    WHERE o.CustomerID = c.CustomerID
    AND o.OrderID = od.OrderID
    AND od.ProductID = p.ProductID

    ansi stlye
    SELECT *
    FROM Orders o
    INNER JOIN Customers c ON o.CustomerID = c.CustomerID
    INNER JOIN [Order Details] od ON o.OrderID = od.OrderID
    INNER JOIN Products p ON od.ProductID = p.ProductID

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    Quote Originally Posted by VAIBHAV174U
    i mean performance wise
    No difference at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by VAIBHAV174U
    and maintainability.
    The ANSI Style (but I guess that is also a matter of personal taste and experience)

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    They should perform the same. I have known exceptional cases where (presumably due to a bug, and in 9i) the newer ANSI syntax performs worse. However, since the ANSI syntax is so much easier to read my preference is to always write in ANSI syntax, and if there are performance problems with a particular query then consider re-writing in the old format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewst
    However, since the ANSI syntax is so much easier to read
    especially for outer joins as compared with oracle's wacko plus sign syntax (if you're not intimately familiar with it) | @rudydotca
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    Since I have been writing code since oracle 5, I still use the old (+) syntax. However there are some things like full outer joins that can only be done in the new syntax without using unions.
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