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    Unanswered: Need to create JCN with format yyyymmddnnss

    Hello, I need to create a job control number with the format yyyymmddnnss when I open a form. This will be the key field for a maintenance data record. I tried concatenating five text boxes on the form with default values set to:
    • txbJCN_yyyy = DatePart("yyyy",Now())
    • txbJCN_m = DatePart("m",Now())
    • txbJCN_d = DatePart("d",Now())
    • txbJCN_n = DatePart("n",Now())
    • txbJCN_s = DatePart("s",Now())

    The format of all boxes is set to 00, and the displayed values are preceeded with a zero when needed. The expression JCN=[tbxJCN_yyyy] & [tbxJCN_m] & [tbxJCN_d] & [tbxJCN_n] & [tbxJCN_s] produces 20084567 rather than the desired 200804050607. I could not force preceding zeros to maintain 12 characters using this method, which is required to maintain compatability with another system.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


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    I'd suggest you use a format mask instead

    jcnvalue = format(now(),"yyyymmddHHMMSS") 'this may be wrong.... check the help system for details
    im not to sure what your nnss should be, I'm guessing they are time
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    Thanks! Works great. I had tried the Format function, but could not get it working. I had the syntax slightly off. I did not find the Help helpful. :-) I now have JCN = Format(Now(),"yyyymmddmmss").


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    Not find Access Help helpful? I don't understand this at all! I've always found it to be as useful as a deckhand on a submarine!

    (Actually, being from Down South, I wanted to say as useful as **** on a boar, but I know we have ladies here and didn't want to offend!
    Hope this helps!

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