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    Unanswered: String Format

    Hi Everybody,
    Can anybody rewrite this string as a single string of code without been broken into two as I have now:

    string todayAsWhereClause = string.Format("DeviceName LIKE 'Time and Attendance %' AND EventTime between '{0:yyyy-MM-dd} 06:00:00'", DateTime.Today.AddMonths(0).AddDays(-37)) + string.Format("and '{0:yyyy-MM-dd} 07:30:00'", DateTime.Today.AddMonths(0).AddDays(-7));

    Note that it works perfectly as it is, I don't just want to have + string.Format in between the code, please tell me the principle that guide the answer you offered me. Thanks, Dapo.

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    you do know this is a sql server forum...right?

    and in any case you should be using sprocs

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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