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    Unanswered: Traceon/off

    Hi There,

    I got following messages in sql log today.

    DBCC TRACEON 1717, server process ID (SPID) 220.
    DBCC TRACEOFF 1717, server process ID (SPID) 220.

    Can somebody shed some light on this please? And where can I find complete list of trace flags?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Trace flags are part of the design of SQL Server. They behave like a giant bitmap, where the DBA can set individual trace flags (bits) on or off as necessary. These flags control some of the behaviors of SQL server.

    The full list of trace flags is included in the source code for SQL Server. Getting access to that information has been kind of a "Holy Grail" for MS-SQL DBAs since Microsoft started to market the product. There are literally hundreds of privately maintained copies of the list of trace flags, in varying degrees of completeness...


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    Thank you Pat for your input.

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