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    Unanswered: Database Shrunk about 80%

    I have been having strange crashes while using my database. I read here that sometimes importing all objects into new blank database will help with some problems, so tried it for kicks (yeah I know, get a life huh). When I did, and then started to compile, it found numberous errors in code that it never found before. But biggest diff was the new database is about 80% smaller, but seems to run much slower.

    Any ideas ? Is this normal to shrink this much ? Why should it run slower ?

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    No idea why it should run slower, but it is a weird way of doing a compact and repair and so if you haven't done that before, the reduction in size is expected.

    It should run faster though.
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    It might be that various indices got dropped or rebuilt when you migrated the rest of the objects. Indices are usually the objects to bloat the fastest and take up more space than you would believe possible!

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