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    Unanswered: How to pass a variable to a pop-up form

    I want to pass a row ID to a pop-up form and then have the pop-up form populate its controls based on that row ID. I've tried setting a control's value from the original form like Forms!PopUp!Control="XYZ", but I can't get any of the pop-up form's events to run the query and fill in the rest of the controls.

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    I normally do this by declaring a global variable first. Then, in the sub that calls the pop-up form, I add a line to populate the global variable with the required value.

    On the pop-up form's Load event, you can then either set a control to hold the value from the global variable, or simply refer to the variable in a series of DLookup statements (or however you get the data into the pop-up).

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    if the popupform is called from a single prorgram
    pull the value from the calling form

    in the calling form
    myvariable = forms!mycourceform!mycontrolname
    myvariable = forms!mycourceform!myvariablename

    global variables can be a godsend when you need to use.. but there is no need to use them for this...... they are all to easy to forget which form is using them at any onetime.
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    i think essentially what he is trying to do is simple;

    docmd.openform "popupformname",,"Id = " & [ID]

    should open a form, and filter it to the id of the current record.
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