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    Unanswered: Autofilling a field in a table

    Hi guys. I am new to Access and have been trying to form a table but could not manage to do it. The problem is I have samples to be analyzed and sample data are kept in a table. These samples are to be analyzed in different periods (for example some in 1st, 3rd, 12th month, some 3th, 6th, 24th month etc.) and I want these periods to be kept as dates in another table. Later I want to query this table so that it gives me a monthly analysis plan for any given (or user input) month. I want this table to be filled in automatically depending on a form where the analysis periods are entered via check boxes for the corresponding months. How can I fill this table from a form without using multiple columns? I need to have only analysis ID and analysis date columns. Can anybody please help me?

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    What's the justification for storing the dates in another table as opposed to against the individual sample? Is this because any given sample can have multiple test dates?
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    Yes samples have multiple test dates and analysis period is variable depending on the sample actually analyses are not done periodically. Some samples are analyzed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 6th 24th months for example while others can be analyzed on completely different times. I want to use a form to enter sample information and on the same form these analysis times can be ticked (like when 6th month is ticked it will enter the table a value that is 6 months later than the production date and same for all the other dates) and I want an analysis schedule to be formed. I plan to have a table composed of two columns such as

    Sample ID Analysis date
    1 12.12.08
    1 12.06.09
    1 12.09.09
    2 12.01.09
    2 12.03.09

    I want the analysis date column to be filled (calculated) according to the ticked periods on some form.I hope I could clarify the subject. Any other method would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance for assistance

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