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    Question Unanswered: problem import data in db2

    Hi all,
    i am using db2 v9.5 ESE on windows.
    i am trying to move tables from one tablespace to another. To achieve this, i have followed these steps:

    db2look on the database whose tables need to be migrated ->db2move export on the same database ->edit the exported file to use newer tablespace ->drop this database -> create another database with same name -> executed the sql file obtained by db2look command -> db2move import

    But in the last step, i.e at the time of importing, for some of the tables the following error is thrown:
    *** SQL3201N The specified table cannot be replaced because another table is dependent on it.

    how can i find the dependency to come out of this error???

    and is there any other simpler way to move tables to another tablespace???

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    Disable foreign keys before importing data. Alternatively, you can use "db2move load", then SET INTEGRITY.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    but how do i do that??? can you tell me what command exactly will help me achieve this n how do i set the constraints later after disabling them now???

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    For loading, you just need to put LOAD in place of IMPORT.
    db2move dbname LOAD [options]

    For how to run "SET INTEGRITY", just search on the manual, it will get you some very good examples with explanation.

    Jayanta Datta
    IBM India, Global Delivery
    New Delhi

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