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    Unanswered: Weird problems with ACC2003 / ACC2007

    I have ACC2007 & ACC2003 both installed on my PC. ACC2003 is currently the default version of Access that is being utilized.

    I have seen 2 problems, which I suspect may be related to my dual installation:

    1) I have the front-end configured to "Compact on close". While I have never seen a problem with this, my users (who exclusively use ACC2003, and may not have ACC2007 installed) are seeing "left-over" files when "Compact on close" is enabled: There is a small .LDB file, and a db1.mdb file that is effectively identical to the front-end database. If "Compact on close" is disabled, the files aren't left behind.

    2) We are seeing a random "Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and needs to close." error when opening a secondary form of the user interface. Other users have seen this on their ACC2003 systems, but I have never seen it on mine. Unfortunately, this problem is so random, I can not reliably reproduce it to debug it.

    Another thing is that the problems appear to be occurring when the files are accessed over the network, but not with local copies (But, I haven't totally confirmed this).

    Any ideas? Or, anything I can focus my hunt on?
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    1. Don't compact on close. There is no good reason to need to do it to a front-end database.

    2. Can't offer much help there; there isn't much to go on.
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    Make sure everyone has adequate permissions to the folder on the network (ie. read/write). It sounds like a network hiccupping/slow connection issue. Especially if everything works fine on their local drive.
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