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Thread: Hi from Kimm

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    Hi from Kimm

    My name is Kimm Carrillo, and I work with oDesk. We are a Marketplace for Online Workteams with an entire section on Access Trends as well as Access freelance opportunities. We are looking for feedback from Access professionals as to what kinds of resourceful information you would like to see that is not currently available. We have a wealth of real-time data, and would like to share it with Access providers.
    Thanks for welcoming us in. We're glad to be a part of the community.
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    so you haven't been laid off after all? your previous post (which was removed) was a complete fabrication, then?

    Quote Originally Posted by kcarrillo
    Well, I got laid off a few weeks ago and originally thought I was the only one who got hosed, but a bunch of my friends have been getting laid off too. So I have been talking to my husband about freelancing. It seems like you could make a good living with it if you are a good programmer. (Which I am. )

    There are a bunch of places on the web and alot of them even look legit. I found this one place that lists trends in the job market and things look pretty good.
    you "found" this one place that lists jobs for freelancers, and all of a sudden you work for them???

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    It's an admirable skill to sense viral marketing wherever it sticks its head out of its mud puddle.
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