Northern VA.

US Customs is about to open up their doors to fill 30 NEW AND OLD OPENINGS for Mid-level and Sr. Java Developers. The catch is that all developers MUST have an ACTIVE high level CBP/CUSTOMS CLEARANCE. That process/investigation can take anywhere from 4-6 months. Now obviously that is a long time so we want to get a little bit ahead of the game.

After reviewing the requirements and If you are interested in this PERMANENTE EMPLOYMENT we can pre-screen you and if selected as a good fit we can start the security process. Then sometime in mid 2009 when your clearance investigation is complete and you have your CBP, we can officially consider you and fast track you an interview for the position/slot.

You will not be bound or held to this position during the Background investigation, but we would like for you to truly let us know if this is a position you would be interested down the road. The worst case scenario in this opportunity is that you could obtain a Customs clearance which could help you in a number of ways.

The job overview is below and I look forward in hearing your feedback.