Ready to work on a really interesting product? We represent a very popular, well established creator of applications made to enhance and streamline development capabilities within video game development (i.e. the PC, XBox, PS3, MMO, etc). We are looking for a Senior/Principal Engineer to help develop a wide variety of web based front ends and applications. This person is a proven and skilled engineer that can lead web based tools development efforts- someone who is up to date on the latest web based application development, tools, databases, server deployment, Flash and other cutting edge technologies.


• Maintains a broad view of project architecture.
• Leads and coordinates technical activities and artifacts for a specific product or supporting system.
• Articulates and mediates tradeoffs related to scalability, manageability, testability, security, maintainability, usability, functionality, cost, and time.
• Provides coordination of design efforts with business, testers, and developers for multiple products.
• Evaluates product direction and risks and finds better solutions which improve the product quality while lowering risk.
• Solves complex problems in a challenging environment.

Required Abilities

• Possesses broad knowledge of the technology in use.
• Grasps issues quickly and makes educated, critical judgments in the absence of complete information.
• Proven ability to lead the technical efforts of various teams, make critical decisions under pressure, and make those decisions stick.
• Communicates well with team members to earn trust, persuade, motivate, and mentor.

Required Skills

• Ability to program in multiple programming languages with expert skills in C++ and .net
• 4+ years of Java development experience with expert Javascript knowledge
• At least 2 years experience architecting and serving as a Sr. Developer on Java based applications
• Web-based Rich Client experience: Fluency using AJAX frameworks (jQuery or Prototype, and some experience with a UI toolkit like YUI preferred)
• Experience with content management systems, SQL database development and implementation


•Experience build Sharepoint applications, customization, webpart creation along with Sharepoint Deployment and Management
• Fluency with the Spring, Hibernate, EJB3 is highly desirable
• Experience configuring Linux servers with Apache, MySQL and Tomcat is highly desirable
• Experience with Adobe Flash and Action Script programming is highly desirable
• Experience with SalesForce, QuickBase, RightNow or some other hosted service oriented CRM platform is highly desirable
• Groovy (and Grails) experience
• Familiarity with jBPM and the Alfresco ECMS
• Experience configuring and deploying VMWare appliances
• Experience with a security framework such as ACEGI
• Experience with software localization is highly desirable

• 2-3 years technology and architecture experience on enterprise scale systems
• 4-6 years as a senior programmer
• Experience in games or entertainment industry is highly desirable

If interested in hearing more, please reach out to with your resume.