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    Unanswered: To Test Hindi character set


    1.I have installed oracle 10g with UTF-8 character set. i changed the registry in the oracle server as NLS_LANG = HINDI_INDIA.JA16EUC.
    This effects in my NLS_language as HINDI . but it doesn't change in the NLS_LANG of nls_database_parameter and nls_instance_parameters .

    2. Then i have installed the oracle client in another machine configured the NLS_LANG as the server . now session nls_lang parameter shows as HINDI , and database and instance nls_lang parameters are having default value as AMERICAN .

    We know that client Session parameters suppress the database and instance parameters in the client environment . Now can any one tell me as how to check whether the hindi metadata can be inserted and displayed from oracle database .

    Is it there any patch required to use hindi language?
    Do i need to use any editor ?
    can i configure the SQL editor or CMD prompt to accept hindi fonts in order to insert the hindi meta data.

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    Your database must be built to support UTF-8. The default language is AMERICAN, which does not. Reinstall the database with the correct characterset.
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