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    Unanswered: HADR - Update database structure howto?

    Hi all,

    We just have a setup of 2 servers with HADR available (and working). We just need to update a database with new fields and triggers.

    How should i perform this? Is't true that when i update the database with some new fields / triggers on the primary server that those changes are automatic replicated to the standby server?

    Anyone some idea's about this?

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    Yes, that is correct. The only thing you have to worry about are activities that are not logged by DB2. That includes the following:

    - LOB columns that are created as NOT LOGGED
    - LOB columns over 1 GB in size (DB2 cannot log LOBs over 1 GB)
    - Load utility (import is OK). There are certain cases when a Load is OK, but I am not going to explain that here.

    The other thing to be careful about is to make sure your tablespace container names are identical on each server. That means your mount points, drives, directories, etc where the data is stored must be the same on each server. That way you extend tablespace containers, etc without a problem.
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