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    Unanswered: ERD: Inventory, Purchase Ord, Sales Ord (Access 07)

    Using Access 2007

    Hi Forum!!!

    I'm trying to help my old man's business by setting up a database for him but there is a problem..... my undergraduate business education has seeped from my skull and instead of producing a viable inventory management system I am creating new and exotic ways to curse at my computer (I can't believe how bad I f*ckin suck at this).

    Anecdotes aside....

    I think I am having a simple problem with my relationship mapping and primary/foreign key selection.

    My Goal is to Co ordinate: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and his Inventory Listing.

    He is a lumber trader/reman.

    For His Inventory I would like to include:
    Package ID Primary
    Pck Volume
    Purchase Order ID Foreign?
    Sales Order ID Foreign?

    Sales Orders:
    Sales ID PK
    Package ID's (several per order) FK?
    Date Ordered
    Date Arrived

    Purchase Order:
    PO ID PK
    Package ID's (several) FK?

    I guess what I would like to do would be to have an inventory system where I can see an "Individual Lumber Package" and be able to associate a particular package with who we bought it from and specifically match it against a Sales Order so we can identify any shortfalls and such.

    I feel like a dumbass that I can't figure this stuff out anymore...

    Thanks a ton in advance.

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    Not a whole lot to go on but I might suggest that you look at the Northwind database which ships on the Access 2007 cd. It has a pretty good example of an inventory/Sales/Purchase Order setup. If you can't find it on the cd, check the MS website as I'm sure they have it there to download.
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