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    Unanswered: PREPARE statement

    I'm writing a stored procedure with query via the PREPARE statement. I've read several pieces of documentation, but I'm missing something as I cannot get it to work. Below is a shortened version of my procedure. It is generating the errror
    PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "SQL_STATEMENT" when expecting one of the following
    for the PREPARE line of code.

                   sqlExclCriteria varchar(6000) := 
                   'select id, courseCode || ''-'' || title as courseInfo,
                         ''Course Code/Title combination doesn''''t match any existing courses'' as reason
                               from tmpSessions tmp
                               where not exists (select * from drLearningActivity la
                                     where upper(la.code)=upper(tmp.courseCode)
                                     and upper (la.title)=upper(title))
                        union all   
                     PREPARE sql_statement FROM 'select id,domaincode,vendor, ...
                             from tmpSessions tmp2
                            where not exists (select id from (' || sqlExclCriteria || ') tmp where';
                     DECLARE recs CURSOR FOR sql_statement;
                     open recs;
                     FETCH recs INTO v_recid, v_domainCode, ...;
                     END LOOP;
                     CLOSE RECS;
    Can someone please point me to what I'm doing incorrect?

    Thank you.


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    After RTFM below,

    I could find no reference to any PREPARE statement.

    SQL <> PL/SQL
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    As anacedent mentioned, there is no PREPARE statement in Oracle.

    You may be "mixing" T-SQL syntax with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL syntax, as you have other incorrect syntax as this:.

                     DECLARE recs CURSOR FOR sql_statement;

    PS: Read the Oracle® manuals!
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