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    Unanswered: create SSIS Package to import Excel to SQL DB

    Hi all,

    I am trying to import data from Excel to SQL DB. I have problem understading of transfering data. please guide me how to do this. There are several tabs in excel file and need to transfer that data in to one table.

    Here is scenario:

    Date : (the date shown in the 2nd row)

    File name : name shown in 1st row

    Day of month : Day of month

    Orale : Orale

    Written: Written:

    Exam Score : Exam

    so far that one i need but have no clue at all!!
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    Importing from Excel is going to be mess if the data is not in tabular format.
    Even then, Excel is notorious for allowing users to mess around with the layout and cell contents, so you will need good error trapping on your import process.
    You could try creating these different data pieces as named ranges on the spreadsheet, but then you will need to make sure every spreadsheet you import this way uses those same named ranges.
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