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    Hello ,
    We have developed one Asp.Net Application. For front end we have
    coded the application using c# and for the back end we have used Sql
    Server 2005 database engine and also analysis services.

    The project is running succesfully in our system.We have
    created setup of this project.The setup i.e msi file is running
    successfully in our system.

    We have put the Setup i.e. msi file in Client system.Here
    exists the problem.When we run the Setup , the login page is displaying.
    But after this one error is occuring . i.e.

    " System.ArgumentException : Column '[dlboff].[dlbrnam].[dlbrnam].[measures_caption]' does not belong to the table Table"......
    This problem is occuring in the Clients System....

    Thanking You

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    I'm no expert in .NET, but since no one else answered yet...

    As the code itself works fine when you're on the database server, my first guess would be that maybe the connection string you used to get to the database from the client machine is incorrect,
    or some other connectivity issue?
    "My brain is just no good at being a relational Database - my relations suck real bad!"

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