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    Question Unanswered: Forcing Combo Box Validation on Double Click

    Hello everyone

    Does anyone out there know of a way to force a combo box to validate when it is double clicked such that if it is set to Limit to List that it runs the NotInList event before doing the other programming behind the Double Click? Right now I do a form recalc and then catch the error 3709 that happens so that it doesn't display that message in addition to my message for the NotInList event, but that seems an inelegant solution. I thank you in advance for your responses and your time.

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    In the NotInList event, there is a parameter called "Response". Maybe you can utilize that. What I do if I need to continue code when an item is entered which is not in the list is:

    Response = acdataerrorcontinue (or acdataerrcontinue...can't recall).

    Again, maybe you can utilize that in your code versus trapping for error 3709. You may have to call the NotInList event (not sure but you may also need to change it from Private sub... to Public sub... in order to call it via another event.
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