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    Unanswered: Multi page file allocations

    I have noticed that our database is configured to extend SMS tablespace objects by one page at a time. (Multi page file allocation enabled -NO).

    We have mix of SMS and DMS tablespaces and the DB size is over 500GB.

    Is it important to enable the Multi page file allocation ? should be able to see any better performance? finally how can I enable this ? once i have enabled this is it possible to backout ?

    Thanks, Gunas

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    Multipage file allocation can be enabled using db2empfa 7 for databases that are created after the registry variable DB2_NO_MPFA_FOR_NEW_DB has been set.

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    Multi page allocations have the advantage that only a single operation is needed instead of multiple separate operations. Especially if you have lots of INSERTs that require new pages, you may notice a performance difference.
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