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    Unanswered: How to access php on my machine

    i have sucess fully installed works.please any any one tell me how can i access php on local machine .reply

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    accessing PHP in what mode a web scripting languages
    or a command line utility language

    to check if PHP is properly installed as a web scripting language
    find where the apache server is looking for html documents and other web content, you may want to think about where you want that content to be. think about file permissions if on a *NIX system.

    create a script which only has the following

    save it as a file with the extension, say 'phptest.php'

    check your apache server is working
    point to the UNC name or IP address of the server (or if that fails and its running on localhost

    you should get some content, often 'it works!'

    then run the script
    the call that script in your web browser
    make sure the CaPiTaLiSaTiOn is the same.

    if you have problems with your installation you could consider removing the installation and then downloading the xamp package, which downloads more than you would ever need for web development but at least its all integrated and you know it works.
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