I am using sql server 2000 for saving the data comming for the web part in sharepoint

I am using r.a.d Editor web part in Sharepoint 2003 to display the new items

but when I am saving the data in Thai, Mandarin, and Vietnamese characters

It is going in database like ?????? format

while displaying thay are dispaly like ????? format




ภาษาไทย ( it is displaying in ?????? format)

官话 (Mandarin language ) (it is also dispalying in ??? format)

tiếng Việt (Vietnamese language)( this one is also ?????)

Could any one tell me whether these language supported by sql server 2000 or not

Or can any reference link which shows the language list supported by SQL server 2000

Like example

My data type for the that column is ntext and nvarchar

create table testlanguage
Language ntext NOT NULL,
Uni nvarchar(50)

Insert into testlanguage (Language,Uni) values ('English','Français')

Insert into testlanguage (Language,Uni) values ('ภาษาไทย','官话')

In First Query the data is storing in same format what I have stored 'English' and 'Français'

but in 2nd the data is going like ?????? and ??

Could any one suggest what should i do?