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Thread: hello and help

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    hello and help

    I need a bit of advice from the database wizards on this site. I work for a small/medium phone company that has grown quite quickly. As they have grown faster than they expected they have rapidly outgrown the systems they use.
    Basicly they have no database of the phones/usb modems they have out and about. The information is all there but spread out on different systems and such like. So i am going to try and make one for them. (even if it turns out to be too advanced for me i will at least have experience so that when it is made by someone else i can know how it works)

    My first question is which is the best software to use?

    I know thats a bit of an open ended question but i do not know what information you would need to give me good advice so ask away.

    It will need to store the devices with thier info then the history of the device. It needs to be tied into a user and company but with an easy interface so that at a few clicks of a button you can transfer it to another user and it will log it all in the history. I would like to have the loan phones on it so that we can keep a better track of who they are sent out to and the history of that. Also it would be usefull if i could store the laptops on it too so it becomes more of an asset database than phone i suppose.

    Any help is much appreciated and sorry if ive posted in the wrong part of the forum.

    Merry Christmas

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    It sounds to me like you are looking for a mySQL developer.

    However, I am sure there are plenty of ready-made solutions for your type of problem. Complete software packages using their built-in database systems or bundled lite-weight databases specifically configured for the application.
    Look out for one of the millions of inventory programs out there, not very expensive either.

    Only if your company insists on developing something in-house (which they shouldn't in this case), think about mySQL.

    Sure you could use an expensive Oracle or SQL Server database, but your requirements are not so demanding to justify that.

    So learn about the nicely free mySQL database server, or if you have no idea... get someone who does.
    Then someone needs to create an application serving your company's requirements as you outlined them. mySQL is often used with PHP and Apache to create a web-based system.

    It's supposed to be simple if you have some programming knowledge already. Otherwise, and especially if your company needs it fast... hire someone!

    And yea... there you go...
    "My brain is just no good at being a relational Database - my relations suck real bad!"

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