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    Unanswered: Mysql 5.1 Windows cannot login as root

    Window MySQL 5.1 just installed

    C:\>mysql -uroot -p
    Enter password: ***********
    ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)


    I have NOT forgotten my password.

    I have disabled the firewall!

    I enabled port 3306

    all this on XP Prof SP 3

    MySQL 5.0 on Fedora 9 worked the first time

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    is MySQL starting as a service
    .... check by either doping a 'three finger salute' (press the ConTRL, ALT & DELete keys att he same time... look for a service called mysqld-nt.exe


    RUN MSConfing
    and look for the MySQL SERVICE, and make sure its running....

    assuming its running then you need to check any firewall is open for port 3306
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    don't know how but I made it work

    2-3 reinstalls and experience with MySQL 5.0 on Fedora 9
    TO_DATE is now STR_TO_DATE

    changed auto_increment

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    I made it work...don't know how exactly...just be tenacious!

    the first task is to create a user with permissions,a database and execute sql

    don't be exotic yet

    firewall should allow port 3306

    I've installed and reinstalled 2-3-4 times

    Be sure the mysql service is running in the service window

    during install specify that the path be augmented by the path to executables

    mine is C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin

    under C:\documents and setting do a search for"mysql"

    drag to the desktop command line client and server instance config wizard

    (1) open the command line client and enter the password
    (2) open the DOS black command line window and enter "mysql -uroot -p"(leave off the """)

    This morning (turning on my computer) I had failures in this procedure but I kept trying. Mysterious? MySQL is usually this way...something simple is usually blocking (except on Fedora 9..already installed and ready)

    after getting in as root:
    (1) create user bgates;
    (2) grant all on *.* to bgates@localhost identified by 'x0x0x0x0';
    (3) create database justforpractice;
    (4) quit (the MySQL command line window will disappear)
    (5) mysql -ubgates -p
    (6) create database justforfun;
    (7) use justforfun;
    (8) copy and paste:

    drop table log_book_id;

    create table log_book_id ( rowID int primary key NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, fdate date, actype varchar(16), acid varchar(16), nlandings int, nhours float);

    insert into log_book_id (fdate , actype, acid , nlandings , nhours ) values ( STR_TO_DATE('08/12/1973','%m/%d/%Y'),'C150','N5787G',1,1.8);

    insert into log_book_id (fdate , actype, acid , nlandings , nhours ) values (STR_TO_DATE('08/17/1973','%m/%d/%Y'),'C150','N5787G',3,1.5);

    insert into log_book_id (fdate , actype, acid , nlandings , nhours ) values ( STR_TO_DATE('08/26/1973','%m/%d/%Y'),'C150','N5787G',10,1.8);

    now you can shave off some of the permissions

    to help others, feel free to alter my procedure so others don't have such initial problems suffering from a paucity of official advice

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