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    Unanswered: I need Database Design

    I am design a hospital Billing System

    I have five entities i.e Patient, Advancepayment, totalBillAmount, TotalRecievedAmount, TotalDueAmount.

    I have to deliever detail and summary of each transaction on daily basis.
    In reporting I need Billing items details, AdvanceAmount Detail, ReceivedAmount detail, TotalDueAmount against each patient on daily basis.

    Please help me in DB Design.

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    it's pretty late in the year to be doing homework assignments, isn't it?

    you will have to try to do the database design yourself first

    then ask questions if you have any difficulty

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    I will give u a small example .

    Create a db named "hospital"
    and create tables with Patient, Advancepayment, totalBillAmount, TotalRecievedAmount, TotalDueAmount.
    Place datafile ( mdf ) - in RAID 1 drive ( example D: drive ) and log file (ldf ) in RAID 10 drive ( example E: drive )

    Create required sp and views required for the use , with logins and necessary permissions granted for the users at the database level .Create required database roles and assign privileges .

    DB file(data and log file ) growth - while creating db set datafile growth in MB not in %

    Place the files in disk calculating the usage of db with ample free space in disk focusing the monthily and annual growth

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