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    Unanswered: copying dbspaces between instances


    recently i was testing the creation of multiple instances (of which i can't realy find much more than a few lines of information under "multiple residency" in the IBM info).
    I created a new instance, created the dbspaces like they are in the original instance on the same system and then i did an export from the original instance with option -ss and imported the db's into the new instance.

    I was wondering if you do an ontape -s -L 0 on the first instance and instead of creating the new instance with it's dbspaces, you just create the new instance and do a "touch 'dbspacesnames'" (on linux/unix) and then an ontape -r into the new instance, would that make the dbspaces of the two instances interfere?
    I mean, if you create dbspaces with onspaces, i suppose they are taking their own independent space in the system. But if you just create your instance (and automatically your rootdbspace) without creating the other dbspaces, just making sure the cooked files exist on system level and then restoring the original dbspaces and renaming them (with ontape -r restore -f filenamewithrestoreinfo) would make them independent too?

    another question is what to do with the SHMBASE address for instances on the same system. Do they all have to get the same system specific SHMBASE-address or do they need a different SHMBASE address something like (instance 1 : SHMBASE1, instance 2 : SHMBASE1 +- SHMTOTAL2 , etc)

    thanks in advance and sorry if my english isn't super

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    Searching for multiple residency in IDS documentation set returns for me:
    Documents found:
    Total instances found:

    So, there are 6 different peaces of documentation, with total 91 appearances of "multiple residency".

    You can play with renaming chunks during restore, but I do not think you'll achieve what you want. (I do not understand your middle paragraph)

    When you are using multiple residency, you must have unique onconfig parameters: ROOTPATH, SERVERNUM, SERVERNAME (also ALIASES).
    There are some other parameters that you want to have them unique (MSGPATH, ...)
    SHMBASE parameter is not supposed t obe unique - based on SERVERNUM and SHMBASE, IDS calculates shared memory ids (shmid) for each instance.


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