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    Unanswered: Listbox Highlighting HELP :)

    Hi, I am creating a listbox that I want the user to choose from. The problem is that the row does not highlight when I click on a record in the listbox. Has anyone gone through this problem before? I have never had to program anything for this to work, I thought that it automatically will highlight,isn't that the purpose of a listbox?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You didn't mention what version of Access you are using but I would try importing your db into a clean, fresh new db and then Compact and Repair.
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    Is the listbox control locked = true or Enabled = false?

    Does the OnClick or AfterUpdate event work on the listbox? (ie. you can put in a msgbox in the onClick or AfterUpdate event such as

    msgbox me!ListboxName

    which would show the value of the listbox control.

    I'm guessing though that the listbox control is locked or not enabled. That's usually the cause of not seeing the row highlighted.
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    Might be a windows colours problem?
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