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    Unanswered: What is the best approach to develop applications with SQL Server 2005?


    I have an application which uses DB-Library API's to interact with SQL server 2000. I am supposed to upgrade this application to support SQL Server 2005.

    As DB-library will be deprecated very soon, I want to use latest native library. I learned about 'SQL Native Client'. BUT did not find api documentation like 'DB-library'.

    1) Do we have any article talking about - how to migrate DB-library application to use 'SQL Native Client'?

    2) I am not still clear about how to use native apis to connect with SQL Server 2005. Do I need to use ODBC apis or OLE DB?. These are generic approaches. Don't we have native apis like DB-Library ( dblogin_t ) in SQL server 2005.

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    ADO completely replaced DB-Library, and ADO.NET has nearly replaced the original ADO. These are the preferred (and supported) ways to access SQL Server now.


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