Hi All,

[DB2 v8.2.9 (FP16) AIX 5.3]

I have a multi-partitioned setup with 2 physical servers and 5 nodes across the 2 servers. Currently I am facing a slowness in the INSERTs/UPDATEs in the multi-partitioned databases.

If I make say 10k inserts in a single partitioned table on the catalog node server it gets done in aroun 22 seconds. However the same inserts on a multi-partitioned tables (across 4 nodes on the 2 servers) takes around 8-10 mins.

The strange thing is if the INSERT is fired on a single partitioned table on the 2nd server it takes even more time around 12-15 minutes.

In all the single partitioned databases there is no problem as is with multi-partitioned databases on the same server. The SELECTs are also fine and do not show any impact. Even the LOAD utility is working fine.

Can anybody please help with what could be the possible problem with the multi-partitioned setup. This behavior has been seen since patching to FP16 from FP5 earlier.

Thanks in advance,