Dear Friends,

There was a problem in connecting Crystal Reports and SQL Server in VB application. The problem was occurring only if SQL Server connectivity is having password.

Today we have found new solution for that problem. The sample coding is given below

Set crxApp = New CRAXDRT.Application
Set crxRepo = New CRAXDRT.Report

Dim reportPath As String
reportPath = app.path & "\reports\YarnPlan.rpt"

Set crxRepo = crxApp.OpenReport(reportPath)

crxRepo.Database.LogOnServer "P2SODBC.DLL", "Regal", "Regal", "qsofttech", "qs@123"
crxRepo.Database.Tables(1).ConnectionProperties("P assword") = "qs@123" - This is property to be added for the report working.

CrVwrYarnPlan.Visible = True
CrVwrYarnPlan.RefreshEx True

CrVwrYarnPlan.ReportSource = crxRepo