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    Unanswered: relations between tables - is this ok ?

    I have tables:

    id_employees PK
    id_departments FK

    id_departments PK

    Relation: DEPARTMENTS id_departments (1) to EMPLOYEES id_departments (many).

    And now I want to create table CRASHES - ONLY 1 employee (boss) can report many computer crashes and ONLY 1 employee (engineer) can repair many computers. How can I make this table and relations ?

    I have made it:

    id_crashes PK
    id_boss FK
    id_engineer FK

    Relation: CRASHES id_boss (1) to EMPLOYEES id_employees (many) AND CRASHES id_engineer (1) to EMPLOYEES id_employees (many)

    Is this ok ??????

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    >Is this ok ??????
    It is OK by me for most values of OK.
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    thx you

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