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    Unanswered: DB desicion


    Our company developing a new software for our devices.
    One of the importent issues is choosing the right DB.

    The requirements: simple, easy to maintanance, quick to develop.
    support multiuser enviroment, and remote stations.
    Thousands of records to be stored.
    Will be accessed by dozens of threads simultaneously, writing and reading data.

    I would appreciate you help.

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    What OS do you intend the DBMS to run on? Or is that open to suggestions too?

    What do you mean by "devices"? Are you looking for a system that works in embedded systems and/or servers, maybe with synch between the two?

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    It can be any OS (different customers), but mainlly windows systems.

    The devices will send online transactions to the database simultaniously.

    There can be dozens of those devices.

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    I will explain a little more:

    Access doesn't fit because he doesn't treat multiple read-write very well.
    SQLite and compact SQL won't fit as well.

    I can't decide between SQL Express 2005 and MySQL...
    Because from one hand it's important that the installation will be fast and simple (which is the case with MySQL), from the other hand it's important to be able to program and maintain it easily and fast (which is the case with SQL Express 2005).

    maybe you have a tip for me?

    Or maybe I'm missing something and there is anothere DB I haven't thought about?

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    Don't ignore PostgreSQL either. As concurrency goes up, it outperforms MySQL, and is very extendable...
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