Djikic Software Development has released v.5.0 of WhizBase, server-side web-authoring tool for building dynamic, database driven web content.

So what, yet another hypertext pre-processor, one might think, but there are few interesting things about this piece of software.

It is neither a programming language nor a command interpreter; therefore, it does not require any programming knowledge or experience. If you know how to make an ordinary, static web page using WYSIWYG editor, you will be able to create useful dynamic web contents yourself.
It respects the most valuable thing any web developer has his time. Therefore even an inexperienced web developer can publish database table on the web in less then twenty minutes using basic features of WhizBase. For those more experienced, it will take no more then 5 to 10 minutes for including formatted display of database table in graphic layout that matches other pages on the site.
Its features are not limited to basic operations, rather it can be used for creating efficient, fast, easy-to-use Internet/intranet web applications and eye-catching, CMS-powered web presentations
Finally, it was developed by the software development division of a web design company -Djikic Web Studio (, team of experienced web developers, who know all about the real-life problems web developers live with.

For more information and a fully featured trial version visit Trial version has no limitations when used on the local host (http://localhost and, and can be used to develop and test complex web sites and web applications before purchasing the license.