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    Unanswered: Open Large object

    Hi, I try to open large object IfxBlob but an error appears. see the code and error

    DbParameter dbParameter = null;

    //Read the file
    StreamReader strmRdr = new StreamReader(filePath);

    //Open the connection

    //Create smart locator
    IfxSmartLOBLocator IfxSmartLOBLoc = new IfxSmartLOBLocator(strmRdr.ReadToEnd());
    //Create IfxClob
    IfxClob myClobVal = new IfxClob((IfxConnection)m_connection);

    myClobVal.EstimatedSize = 49000;
    myClobVal.ExtentSize = 100;
    myClobVal.Flags = (int)IfxSmartLOBCreateTimeFlags.KeepAccessTime
    | (int)IfxSmartLOBCreateTimeFlags.NoLog;
    myClobVal.MaxBytes = 45000;
    //Open IfxClob
    //Here I got the error "ERROR [HY000] [Informix .NET provider][Informix]Smart-large-object error."

    Thanks for UR help
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