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Thread: DB2 and ZFS

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    Unanswered: DB2 and ZFS

    We recently switched servers and versions (going from AIX 32 bit v8.2 FP9 to Solaris 64 bit v9.5 FP2a). The new server is a T2000 with 64GB RAM running Solaris 10 - a much stronger machine than before so we were expecting better performance, but we are getting worse. We have another v9.5 FP2a installation in test (also on Solaris 10) that is getting better performance on a weaker server. Production and test are identically configured (except for smaller bufferpools and circular logging in test). The biggest difference we see is the T2000 is using ZFS and test is using UFS.

    Has anyone had performance issues with ZFS? Is there special tuning needed for ZFS?

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    first of all try to make systems as much identical as possible. I ones had a problem of having too big bufferpool. On test system it was 10-times smaller and some specific SQLs run 10-times better. So I would suggest you to set test and production environment as identical as possible.

    By the way, have you created new database on both of the systems or you just created new database on test system, but on production you create backup and restore from v8.2 database. If so try to look into DBM and DB cfg parameteres. Automatic memory management is not turned on if database is migrated (backup/restore) from previous version, but is turned on if you create new database.

    It can also be file system, but I don't know I haven't tested on ZFS and UFS. I always use ext3 on Linux systems. But as I have said before, check for any settings that are different on test/production and make them equal.
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