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    Talking Unanswered: Importing a New Form into Multiple Copies and Locations of a Program!

    I am sure someone has done this before and might be able to save me some time.

    I have several copies of a Access Application that tracks totes of high value merchandise from distribution to stores. It is used independently at several different distribution center locations across the country and in different locations on the server.

    I need to have each location delete a form named "Tote Creation Form" from their versions, and then take a new copy with changes we have made and import that form back in it's place.

    I can try to talk each of them thru it, but is there either some VB or a macro setup that might automate the process for them?

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    Tony Toews has a free, down loadable utility designed to take the pain out of updating frontends:
    Hope this helps!

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