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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2005 - move SSIS packages and SQL Server Agent Jobs

    I have SQL Server 2005 on two servers, Server_1 and Server_2.

    On Server_1, I have already set up SSIS packages (that contains Analysis Services Processing Task) and schedule jobs to process the SSIS packages.

    On Server_2, I need to set up the exact same SSIS packages and jobs as Server_1. I know how to set up SSIS and jobs manually, but I don't know if I can "migrate" the SSIS packages and jobs from Server_1 to Server_2.

    Does anyone know how to accomplish it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Try dtutil utility in SQL server 2005 - check books on line for syntax

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    Thanks Rajganesh.

    Now I have another problem:
    On Server_1, I have an SSIS that only contains "Analysis Services Processing Task", which processes a cube in the Server_1 Analysis Service.

    I have the same cube on Server_2 Analysis Service.

    Then on Server_2, I open the "Integration Services"
    ->Stored Packages ->MSDB, right click and select "Import Package" from Server_1.

    Now I have another question, after I imported the package from Server_1 to Server_2, how can I edit the Server_2 package so that the inside "Analysis Services Processing Task" will process the cube on Server_2, not Server_1?

    I tried to use Business Intelligence Development Studio to open the imported package, but I cannot find it...

    Thank you very much!!

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