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    Unanswered: configure oracle behind firewall


    We are using oracle 9i database.
    We are using server & remote client setup.

    Problem facing : Problem in enabling ports in firewall server (oracle TCP/IP port required run above setup).

    if they enabled only port number 1521 then above setup is not working.
    if they enabled all the port (including other ports not used for oracle) then the above setup is working
    So that our clients is asking for particular port numbers used for above setup.
    Means the port number used by oracle along with 1521.i have gone through oracle web site in that they have
    given all the port details.but we what particular port details used for above that we can enable
    only thouse ports.Kindly help me to solve this issue.

    Thanking You
    Chandar Kumar V

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    (I may be wrong, but...)
    Port 1521 is used for the initial connection, but Oracle then assigns another port number for each session. If you use Connection Manager you can force Oracle to use one port only.
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    Have a look at this doc as it might help

    Connect Oracle Behind a Firewall

    alternatively do a search in metalink


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