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    Unanswered: Email to addresses in a table

    I would like to generate an E-Mail that will send to "To:" of email addresses based on a table where those addresses are located. The address table is tbl_EmailOutbounds. I know I could manually enter all the email addresses however, when those people move on and others come to the section, the table will get updated. The rest of the email I've figured out.

    Lastly the "From:" field. This email gets sent from an Org box. So what happens is the sender send on behalf of the org box. Problem is, no "From:" filed in the Send object type.

    Thanks in advance for your review.

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    There's also some code in the code bank.
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    I did find some good code to modify. I will post it as soon I can figure that out. The only part I need now is to close the loop on the "From:" field. I havent found any the sendobject that uses that field. My people send this out from an Org box. So they need the the From: as in From: To: CC: BCC: field prefilled.

    Thanks for all of your reviews.

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