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    Question Unanswered: new instance in Control center

    I am using db2v9.5 ESE on windows.
    I am not able to view the newly created instance in control center though i have catalogged the node explicitly on the server.
    I read that only one DAS can exist on one machine, we need not create it again for the new instance. so taken care that already existing DAS is also running.
    What can be the problem then???

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    Right click on "Instances" and select "Add..." (not the same as create).
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    thanks...but why not are the databases getting added automatically under the new instance in control center. i am also trying to add a database which exists in two instance with the same name. but when i try to add it in the new instance it says it already exists but i cant find any with the same name in that instance though it is there under the other instance.

    i can see them through CLP but not able to add in CC

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