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    Unanswered: Msaccess 2007 On Windows Server 2000

    Hi I am a newbie here..
    Here is my question..
    I need to install MS ACCESS 2007 (other words by installing office 2007) on WINDOWS server 2000.
    Will It works? I know other MSAccess ex from office 2003 will work. What about Office 2007? If it works Do I have 2 buy Office 2007 for Windows sever/Server edition??
    Your help greatly appreciated.....

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    I'm "guessing" you should be ok installing it (but I'd make sure you have the latest 2000 service packs first.) I've installed Office 2007 on an XP box (not the same situation as on a server though) but it works great.

    Outlook 2007 fixed some things where it can now read some older *.pst files that it couldn't with Outlook 2003.

    Other than the fairly steep learning curve for MSAccess 2007 (if you're very knowledgable with MSAccess 2003), you'll probably like MSAccess 2007. I've found it took me a few weeks to find everything in MSAccess 2007 (and I've been using older MSAccess versions for years.)

    You may also want to do a quick search on Microsoft's website before installing.

    It used to be where you could buy a license for Office to install on servers for multiple users. I'm not sure how it works for Office 2007 though. I don't believe an actual Office 2007 server edition exists though but double-check on this (I may be wrong on this.)
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    i don;t think you have to buy Office 2007 for Windows sever/Server edition. This time is not essential to but this but, if you need Windows sever/Server edition than you can buy this, but not know.

    Good Luck !!!

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