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    Unanswered: Form problem - LinkMasterFields error (only when adding a new record)?

    I have a form/subform used for inventory management.
    It is a bound form.

    The error:
    The LinkMasterFields event has produced this error: "The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'Parts'."
    I don't understand what this means.

    How the form is intended to work:
    When you select a part number in the main form, the subform displays potentially several instances of that part number in inventory, and is designed to allow the inventory manager to adjust the quantities for each instance of the part in inventory.

    It's bound to a central fact (or matrix) table, which stores key values that relate to dimension tables that describe the attributes of that instance.
    My controls in the inner form are drop-downs allowing the user to select valid values from each dimension table, and therefore the appropriate key values are then written to the bound table. Or that's the intention anyway.
    (Parts is one of my dimension tables - the one that contains the part number that corresponds to the part number selected in the outer form.)

    The form works fine if an instance already exists in inventory. No problem changing attributes or changing quantity. Press an "Update" control and the record is saved, and a record is written to a transaction log to record the history.

    However, if no instance exists in inventory, I should be able to create a new instance in inventory by simply selecting the right combination of attributes from my comboboxes, entering a quantity, and being on my way...

    ...instead, I'm getting that error.

    Is anyone familiar with this error?
    What does it mean?

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    The link master field needs to be set to the primary key of the table on the one side of the relationship and the link child field needs to be set to the foreign key of the table on the many side of the relationship.
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