Hi all. I'm new to this forum, and new to database administration.

I work in a mainframe enviroment, using DB2 UDB for z/OS.

I am trying to alter multiple table by using Platinum Tools' RC/Update - the ALTER function.

My coworker and I just spent two hours entering various ALTER requests on a total of 5 tables. The tool seemed to allow us to select all 5 tables, and then alter the columns as we needed. Basically, we were deleting some columns, adding others, and adding foreign keys.

We specified that our SQL commands should be written to a PDS member, because we opted for Batch execution. When we were all done creating our DDL, we went to the PDS member and were shocked to see that only the DDL created by the last table that we defined our changes to, appeared in the member. We lost the changes to the other 4 tables.

Does anyone know how to ensure that all of your work gets queued to a member?