I have a macro that sorts some data and then prints it. I need to print it A4 landscape, but if I shrink to one page wide then it is too small to read, so I want to use 2 pages wide, but I want to control where the page break appears.

I use autofit on the columns (which are all odd widths and depend on the dataset imported, so cannot be of predicted widths). I have more overall width on the first or left-hand page and less on the right. The output can be more than 1 page tall, again depending on the dataset.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to control where the vertical page break appears, please?

I am using Excel 2003 on XP Professional.

I have tried Manual Page Breaks, but they are over-ridden/ignored when I use print to fit 2 pages wide.

I also tried taking each column width and adding them up and then forcing the final column on the right-hand page to be wide enough to make both pages equal, but that doesn't work and I cannot see why. In practice I seem to need the last column much, much narrower than I would expect - does anyone know if there is a logic or formula for this, please?

Many thanks,