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    Question Unanswered: issue with esql code


    Has anybody used a declaration like:
    $include sqlca ;
    $char dbname[50];

    I would like to know this kind of usage with $ in the begining is used for which version of esql/informix. I am using informix database.
    This particular code was in my .ec file. I have normally seen #include <sqlca.h>.

    To further understand the code I would like to know what is the informix/esql used here.


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    The $ usage is equivalent to
    'EXEC SQL include filename'

    Use ESQL/C include directive(with $) if the file you specify contains embedded SQL statements, or other ESQL/C statements.

    Use standard C #include directive to include system header files.

    The difference is that the '#include', includes a file after ESQL/C preprocessing in opposite to the first way(esql/c include) where the ESQL/C preprocessor places the contents of the specified file into the ESQL/C source file .

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